It’s Worse Than You Think

7,000 new houses in Mole Valley? Our response to the MVDC development plan.

hottest planet
Humans, and all the life you know, have evolved in a cool period on earth. Now it’s getting hotter, fast.

Climate breakdown is real, potentially very grave, and is happening now.

Everyone will be affected.

Wealth won’t save you.

It’s likely your children and grandchildren may not live in the world you are hoping for them.

And if we carry on along this path, eventually our earth will become uninhabitable.

Don’t let that happen.

Please join us by emailing or calling 01306 889278.

Our Goals

accept responsibilty show leadership
We created this problem. Now we understand that, we should work to fix it.

We are working towards these goals:

1) Surrey County Council declare a meaningful Climate Emergency (or comparable) with clearly defined, measurable and accountable actions across the County.

2) All 11 of Surrey’s District Councils do the same within their more limited areas of responsibility.

3) Dorking’s people understand the extent of the climate crisis and most are taking personal action and supporting the efforts of others.

4) We’ve made sure the wellbeing of the people who join us is considered and supported, because the future is challenging and uncertain.

Be Human

Life is Sweet. Fight for it.
As far as we know our civilisation is unique in the universe. We can’t let our story end here. Step up. Be human.

We are responsible for the planet we leave to our children.

Every day we do not act costs them more.

You matter, and what you do matters.

Collective action is needed, right now.

Join us. Email (or call 01306 889278).

Key messages and activities will be managed by email not social media.

But please also follow, and forward-share our message, on social media. This is our outreach tool to help us grow.

“We are the first generation that knows we are destroying the world, and could be the last that can do anything about it.” Quote courtesy, see this video.