Surrey Climate Action Groups

Surrey has many groups focused on climate and environmental action.

Feel inspired and contact them: 

Action Energy Surrey:  : an impartial energy efficiency advice service for Surrey residents and a route for residents to improve their properties through insulation, heating system upgrades and renewable technology. It’s delivered by ThamesWey on behalf of 10 of the district and borough councils in Surrey and Surrey County Council.

Bookham Blue Hearts Wildflower Verges A community project to encourage wild flowers to grow on road verges in the village of Bookham in Surrey in conjunction with the Blue Heart scheme. Started in Bookham, but already spreading to Effingham and Fetcham.

Communities Against Gatwick Noise Emissions (CAGNE): Home – CAGNE : Concerned with aircraft noise, environmental issues, airspace and surface access for Sussex, Surrey and Kent. Also active in the wider issues of UK airspace, and the environmental damage that Aviation causes to Climate Change and air quality worldwide.

Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) Surrey:  Our aim is to protect, promote and enhance the countryside and natural environment of Surrey. We work with local communities and their elected representatives to find positive and lasting ways to enable our countryside and nature to thrive.

Climate Action groups (Friends of the Earth led):    The next few years will determine the future of our world. We know the solutions to climate chaos and there’s still time to act – just. Climate Action groups are made up of people like you, working together to make our communities more climate-friendly. Together we can make a real difference, at a local and national level.

Climate Action Cranleigh:

Climate Action Elmbridge:

Climate Action Redhill & Reigate: and

Communities against Gatwick Noise Emissions (CAGNE):  Campaigning against Gatwick Expansion.

Community Fridge: Mid Surrey Community Fridges | take what you want, donate what you can

Divest Surrey: (17) Divest Surrey | Facebook . Pushing for Surrey County Council to divest investments in the fossil fuel industry from the Surrey Pension Fund

Dorking Community Hub In Pippbrook (CHiP):   Restoring Pippbrook House for community use. CHiP is a Community Interest Company that passionately believes that Pippbrook House should be retained in public hands for the enjoyment of future generations. In Sept 2020 they secured a long-term lease from Mole Valley District Council.

Dorking Climate Emergency

Dorking Community Fridge:   We take surplus food that would have been wasted and give it to those who will use it, for free or a donation. Our watchwords are : ‘We hate waste.’

 Dorking Community Orchard:   Established in 2009 by Transition Dorking on the site of the neglected “Millennium Orchard” just north of Ranmore Allotments. The site is nearly two acres in size. We’re a Community Project, and the orchard is open to everyone.

 Dorking Foodbank:  Anyone can reach crisis point and we’re   there to help when that happens, with food and advice.

Dorking Repair Café: . People throw away vast amounts of stuff. Even things with almost nothing wrong, and which could get a new lease on life after a simple repair. Bring electricals, clothes, cycles:  if it’s fixable we’ll have a go!

Dorking Solar Group:  We are a not-for-profit community energy group working towards a more sustainable future. And can help residents, businesses, and councils to get solar PV green power generation on their properties.

Dorking Transition: Part of the much larger Transition movement, we’re  concerned about climate change and the end of cheap energy. We want to grow more food, generate renewable energy, and have a vibrant local economy in a strong, healthy Dorking.

Dorking Trees4Life: Dorking Trees For Life | Facebook: Community tree planting campaign group working with schools, local councils, farmers and garden owners to increase the beauty of our local environment, our carbon sequestration capability and ecological resilience in the face of climate destabilisation.

Eco Church movement: How Eco Church Works – Eco Church (  Helping churches and congregations improve how they care for God’s earth in different areas of their life and work. There are many others throughout Surrey.

St Joseph’s church, Dorking:  Living Simply Cafod Campaign and Eco Church Bronze award.

St Luke’s Whyteleafe:

St Paul’s Eco church, Dorking:  File.aspx (  

St Peter & St Paul’s, Chaldon:

Westcott Eco church, Dorking: Holy Trinity, Westcott – Eco Church (

Eco-School Movement: : a global programme engaging 19.5 million children across 67 countries, making it the largest educational programme on the planet.  For over 25 years Eco-Schools has been empowering children to drive change and improve their environmental awareness through the simple Seven-Step framework in order to achieve the international Eco-Schools Green Flag.

Energy4All: : Energy4All is a family of currently 28 independent renewable-energy co-operatives. Our Co-operatives have 13,250 individual members and have created 30MW of electricity capacity.

Environmental Regulatory Research Group: (Universiy of Surrey-based): Environmental Regulatory Research Group | University of Surrey:  We conduct research in four main areas: climate change, environmental and public health, natural resources, and water.

Foodfloat:  We sell local fresh food to people in and around Dorking. Food Float is a not-for-profit community interest company run by the community for the community. Home deliveries + outdoor stall every Friday and Saturday. Promoting local food, low food miles and minimum packaging.

Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign (GACC): The Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign seeks to protect and improve the environment in the area affected by Gatwick Airport’s operations with particular regard to noise, congestion, air quality and light pollution.  It also seeks to diminish any wider environmental impact of the airport, including climate change.

Greater South East Energy Hub:  We work with public sector organisations and their stakeholders to support their development and financing of local energy projects.

Greener Godalming: (7) Greener Godalming | Facebook: : A group of people living and working in Godalming or the surrounding area who are trying to be the change we need for a sustainable future.

Greenpeace (Surrey):  a friendly active group of people living all across Surrey who do street campaign work, research when needed, and help with activities in other parts of the country and other parts of the world.

Greenway Terracycle Collection: (4) greenway terracycle collection – Search Results | Facebook Excellent FB page with hints and info about recycling many more items than the norm. Many things are recycled to charities for fundraising. Epsom-based.

Leatherhead & District Countryside Protection Society: Home | mysite ( to defend the Green Belt, champion ‘meritorious buildings’, encourage high standards in planning and architecture, preserve trees, footpaths, flora & fauna, and address litter and fly-tipping issues.

Mole Valley Cycling Forum:  a varied cross-section of Mole Valley residents linked by a desire to facilitate the use of bikes for recreation and as a means of transport. We are supported by officers from Mole Valley District Council and Surrey County Council and meet regularly with them to discuss issues concerning cyclists and pedestrians in the area.

Plastic Free Bookham We aim to reduce single-use plastic in our community, whilst working towards the Surfers Against Sewage Plastic Free Communities accreditation.  A key project of Transition Bookham.

Reduce the Waste East Surrey: (1) Reduce the Waste – East Surrey | Facebook for residents of East Surrey and the surrounding areas who would like to reduce the level of waste we create in our homes.

Repair Cafes: People throw away vast amounts of stuff. Even things with almost nothing wrong, and which could get a new lease on life after a simple repair. Bring electricals, clothes, cycles:  if it’s fixable they’ll have a go!

Caterham: (8) Caterham Repair Cafe | Facebook


Farnham: Farnham Repair Café | The Centre for Sustainable Design (

 Solar Schools : a community owned energy co-operative set up by local people from the towns of Guildford and Godalming and throughout Surrey.

South East Climate Alliance:   a coalition of local environment, community and faith groups across South East England uniting for urgent action on climate change. Their website has excellent, wide-ranging information.

Surrey Climate Commission:      The Surrey Climate Commission fills a crucial gap between national and local efforts to accelerate the scale and pace of action to address climate change. Launched in June 2019,  it’s a collaboration of organisations including Surrey University, Surrey Chambers of Commerce, Siemens, World Wildlife Fund and Surrey Wildlife Trust and a v useful source of reliable information.

Surrey Environment Collation of Information: a free not for profit site with an excellent and easy-to-follow database of information.

Surrey Nature Partnership: linking organisations and individuals across the county to form an influential partnership with the aim of conserving and enhancing our natural assets.

Surrey Pension Act Now SPAN): a pressure-group insisting that Surrey County Council divests its pension fund.

Surrey Reuse Network:  a charity and social enterprise that represents and supports community based furniture and appliance reuse & recycling organisations in Surrey. It champions and encourages collaborative working between SRN members, other charities, social enterprises, local authorities and commercial business.

Tadworth Terracycle: Informative community recycling page to increase knowledge about recycling.

Teazle Wood Trust: Teazle Wood Trust  a group formed to save 57 acres of woodland in Leatherhead, Surrey. They have regular actions to fund-raise and help maintain the wood.

Talking Tree, Staines:a Community Centre on Staines High St to improve the accessibility of sustainable choices and to raise awareness of the growing climate emergency.

Transition Dorking:

Part of the much larger Transition movement, we’re  concerned about climate change and the end of cheap energy. We want to grow more food, generate renewable energy, and have a vibrant local economy in a strong, healthy Dorking.

Transition Bookham

Transition Haslemere:

Transition Farnham:

 University of Surrey Climate Research:    We are investigating local and global climate change regulatory frameworks and the legal implications of climate measures based on sustainable consumption models. This is being investigated in the context of the international trade regime. Furthermore, work has been undertaken on the emerging linkages between climate and energy security, such as the links between energy security, rural development and sustainable tourism.

WeAct Environment Action:
We are a voluntary, Woking-based group of individuals taking action locally on climate change and sustainability issues . We have WBC backing. Looking for new ideas!

Weald Action Group:   : an umbrella for local groups campaigning against all forms of extreme extraction of oil & gas across the Weald and the Isle of Wight in the South East of England.

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Woking Surrey We’re determined to stop the destruction of nature and help it to recover. We’re focusing on some really big challenges that will help turn things around.

XR (Extinction Rebellion): Extinction Rebellion is a decentralised, international and politically non-partisan movement using non-violent direct action and civil disobedience to persuade governments to act justly on the Climate and Ecological Emergency. The United Nations has declared that we have as little as 10 years before we pass the point at which climate breakdown becomes irreversible – if we don’t act immediately.


Zero Carbon Guildford: Home | Zero Carbon Guildford  Planning to create a Community Hub and create community-based actions to mitigate the climate crisis and develop a strong community.

If your group is not listed in this directory, or you would like to change the description, please contact us.

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