Dorking Climate Action – Get Involved

Get involved? In what???

  • In ‘normal’ times we hold social events, usually in pubs, large-scale meetings with guest speakers, Community Cafes, regular morning meet-ups, community groups, general gatherings, fairs, special ‘themed’ weeks, etc etc.
  • We also do what we can to influence and inform local and County Councillors across Surrey aboyt the need for rappid action. Local elections are coming up fast and we have a plan.
  • We encourage climate groups across Surrey to work together as closely as possible.

Our only limit is our imagination and energy – and that of our members.

So, please contact us to find out more about what we do. Ask your questions and feel involved in the growing movement to slow down climate change.

We don’t bite – well, only when there’s something good to eat! Like the delicious vegan food at our Climate Fair in 2019.

Email us:

Twitter: @DorkingClimate

Facebook: DorkingClimateEmergency

Instagram: dorkingclimate

Part of the South East Climate Alliance (SECA)

Help out: All donations very welcome.

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