The Power of RE

the power of RE

The Power of RE

  • REcycle: close the loop and remake
  • REfuse: don’t consume what you don’t need
  • REduce: reduce consumption of energy and materials
  • REuse: share with others, find new uses for old objects
  • REpair:  fix or upgrade your objects rather than throwing them away
  • REgift: share, and be part of the gift economy
  • REcover: hunt out materials and up-cycle

More About Dorking Climate Emergency

Dorking Climate Emergency needs your help.

We have lots of little tasks that need doing (writing to MPs; visiting councillor surgeries; writing to supermarkets).

Every little offer of help welcomed. Training/guidance provided.

email: or call: 01306 889278

Keep trying if you don’t hear straight back from us. We have jobs kids and busy lives just like everyone else.