1. Speak Truth to Power:  Support climate change solutions at council meetings and other open forums with elected leaders. Support and vote for elected officials who will act on climate issues. Work to defeat those who will not.
  2. Talk about Climate Change:  Watch the Al Gore film ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ and the sequel ‘Truth to Power’.  Use the 10 minute primer on the video as a great conversation starter.  See: www.climaterealityproject.org
  3. Write about Climate Issues & Concerns:  Write a letter to the editor, opinion piece or post on social media about the urgency of the climate crisis, species extinction risk and climate solutions. Engage with those who do not see the problem.
  4. Switch your Community to Renewables:  Tell community leaders you want clean energy for your village, town or city.
  5. Make your Business and Employer more Sustainable:  Your business can save money while it saves the planet.
  6. Run for Office: There are thousands of opportunities to run for office; join a clean energy or sustainability company; or join a campaigning group; and make a difference at local, district, county, regional, national or even global level.
  7. Walk the Talk at Home:  Purchase energy efficient appliances and consider switching to solar PV and/or switching to a 100% renewable electricity provider and Electric Vehicles.  Think to reduce waste (energy, water, plastic, packaging, food)
  8. Eat with the Planet in Mind:  Eating a bit less red meat; choosing local foods; limit air miles; less packaging; and buying organic products helps reduce your environmental impact.
  9. Vote with your Money:  Invest in or buy from companies with responsible environmental policies.   Be a Stroppy Shopper and use the Power of the Purse.

Join Us

Climate breakdown is serious and is happening now.

Individual actions help but only collective action can address this situation.

Please email us on contact@dorking-climate-emergency.net to find how you can help.

Thank you.