UPDATED 20 April

action 12 minutes to help save the world april 19AN EASY WAY TO START DOING YOUR BIT

Dorking Climate Emergency shows you how

David Attenborough’s TV programme and recent actions by Extinction Rebellion and others highlight the need to act NOW.

Extinction Rebellion are pressing for government action:  and we need you to press for action at local level through the District Elections on May 2nd.


Please write letters to all candidates standing for District Council elections in your local ward asking them to support future climate emergency motions. (Sample letter below).

Then send this web page to friends living in different areas of the UK. Candidates take note of residents who might vote for them and ‘climate emergency’ needs to be a nationwide campaign.

Why ‘WRITE’ not email? Councillors say that posted letters have more impact, but email them if it’s impossible to write. It’s better than nothing.

climate change is the biggest thingWhy ‘ALL‘ Candidates?  Because this is non party-political.  We’re asking all candidates to get involved;  as public-spirited people they can join our campaign whether or not they are elected.

Local info from
or your local council website.

Most postal addresses are included;  if not, go to local party websites.

Sample Letter

Will you please support action on climate change if you are elected?
A Climate Emergency declaration, issued by a local council, can be a powerful catalyst for community-wide action if paired with a clear action plan.

It is a way of shifting climate change from the fringes of council to the centre and of recognising publicly that ‘business as usual’ is not enough to tackle this global challenge.

We need action NOW.
So far over 50 councils across the UK have taken the step of declaring a Climate Emergency, including Oxford, Hastings, Brighton and Hove, Somerset and Wiltshire, West Sussex. Many of them have set targets to become carbon neutral by 2030.

I have included Dorking Climate Emergency’s ‘two minute briefing’ which reinforces the urgent need for climate action.

You can learn more about climate issues and the actions that councils can take by looking at the SECA website: .  This has links to a range of useful documents such as a report on actions for local authorities from Friends of the Earth.

We hope we can rely on your support on this crucial issue.  

Please let us know on

Whether or not you are elected, there are many ways in which you can take a local lead in your community and the above groups would be happy to help.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours truly, 
with hope for the future,
Your name + address

The ‘two minute briefing’ is here:

Scroll to the bottom of the page to download a printable PDF

Please forward any responses via
or phone 01306 889278 and chat to Pat.

Sincere thanks for writing to your Surrey County Councillors re declaring a Climate Emergency.

We are continuing our campaign.

SAVE THE DATE: Saturday 25th May Climate Cafévegan food

Climate Cafe 9-12am at the Christian Centre Dorking. +  ‘Get drastic about plastic’  actions during the day.

If you’d like to help organise, please get in touch: or phone 01306 889278
More info soon.

Many thanks.
Dorking Climate Emergency 

Join us by emailing or phone 01306 889278