PROGRESS UPDATE – Summer 2019, Where We Are and What We’ve Done

Like a Swan!

Serene on the surface, addling like mad beneath.

Here’s what campaign members have been up to:

Mole Valley District Council (MVDC) declared a meaningful Climate Emergency with targets.

Reigate & Banstead Borough Council declared a Climate Emergency

Tandridge District Council are purchasing 100% renewable electricity for their estate and operations- well done.  MVDC stated their intent to procure green energy.

Surrey County Council have just declared a target of net zero carbon by 2050. Campaign runningto engage with SCC to switch to green energy and ultimately declare a meaningful climate emergency and associated phased action plan

Campaign started to encourage at least 50% of the district/borough councils to declare climate emergency and switch to clean green energy

Surrey Climate Commission launched (DCE attended launch)

Published2-minute guide to climate change’ and Power of the Purse – Stroppy shopper.

Climate Café running.  Last was focused on our Biodiversity newsletter.
Next is ‘Get Drastic with Plastic’ on Saturday July 27th St Martin’s Christian RH4 1DW centre, 9am-noon.

Started family group – focusing on encouraging schools to become EcoSchools (

Did 12 freedom of information requests to discover how councils procure their energy

Partnered with Dorking Solar Group ( and South East Climate Alliance (

Building a network of like-minded people to make practical real actions for a better planet.

Thank you everyone for your help and encouragement.

Dead Cockerels!


We came up with this dead cockerel as a logo to use for our campaign – we hope it works and gives you a giggle.

You’re going to start seeing that poor fella all over. He’ll probably meet with a series of untimely demises due to our collective idiocy.

Time To Do Your Bit

We need your help! We have lots of little tasks that need doing (writing to MPs; visiting councillor surgeries; writing to supermarkets).  Every little offer of help welcomed. Training/guidance provided.

email: or call: 01306 889278

Keep trying if you don’t hear straight back from us. We have jobs kids and busy lives just like everyone else.