UPDATE – Our Group’s Goals

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We’ve created this problem. Now we understand that, we should work to fix it.

We’re very conscious of the avoiding effort dilution due to ‘mission creep’ so we got our heads together and updated our group’s goals, which are below and will live permanently on our front page here: https://dorking-climate-emergency.net/#goals.

1) Surrey County Council declare a meaningful Climate Emergency (or comparable) with clearly defined, measurable and accountable actions across the County.

2) All 11 of Surrey’s District Councils do the same within their more limited areas of responsibility.

3) Dorking’s people understand the extent of the climate crisis and most are taking personal action and supporting the efforts of others.

4) We’ve made sure the wellbeing of the people who join us is considered and supported, because the future is challenging and uncertain.

Join Us

Climate breakdown is serious and is happening now.

Individual actions help but only collective action can address this situation.

Please email us on dorking.climate.emergency@gmail.com or call 01306 889278 to find how you can help.

Thank you.