PHOTO – Guildford YouthStrike4Climate 15th March

Oops we’re a bit late on this one. We took this photo at the Youth Strike 4 Climate in Guildford on 15th March. If you want to find out more they’re on Facebook at

This is a monthly event, next one is Friday April 12th – if Guildford’s difficult for you there are other events all around the country.

We’ve heard in the grapevine some Dorking students are planning to join the April event.

The movement is run by young people. Adults, please support them but don’t try and control it, it’s their gig. They’re talking to each other, not to us. (& we had our chance the last few decades already).

guildford climate strike

If you’re not familiar with the Youth Strike movement, it was started and inspired by Greta Thunberg, a Swedish teenager who protested solo outside the Swedish parliament.

Her short speech to the UN in December is well worth 3 minutes of your life.

We also enjoyed ->


Concerned About Climate Breakdown? We’re Working to Declare Climate Emergency in Surrey. Please Contact Your Councillor

In March 2019 Surrey County Council voted against declaring Climate Emergency. We think that was a serious mistake. More information on the motion and on the result.

Surrey residents – if you’d like to contact your councillor about this issue you can find them with this link ->

If you live somewhere else in the country then tap your postcode into– you can email directly from the site, it takes moments.

Join Us

Climate breakdown is serious and is happening now.

Individual action help but only collective action can truly address the situation.

Please email us on or call 01306 889278 to find how you can help.

Thank you.