REACTION: “They’re Refusing to Accept the Enormity of the Issue”

surrey councillors vote against climate emergencyFollowing Surrey County Council’s vote against declaring climate emergency and committing to carbon neutrality, Pat Smith, of Dorking Climate Emergency said:

Surrey County Council are ignoring the concerns of their voters. They are turning their back on the severity of the problem.

They think planning to do something at some unspecified time in the future is good enough. They’re refusing to accept the enormity of the issue.

We hope that they will reconsider in the very near future and we vow to continue our campaign and persuade them to change their minds.”

Councils which have supported Climate Emergency Motions include: the Greater London Authority; Bristol, Manchester and Oxford City Councils; and Cornwall, Herefordshire and Wiltshire County Councils. Full list here:

Green County Councillor Jonathan Essex, who proposed the motion, said: “If councils around the world take the position that Surrey councillors have taken today, we have no hope for the future at all. It’s an abdication of responsibility.”

You can read more reaction from Cllr Essex and colleagues on this link.

Contact Your Councillor

Surrey residents – if you’d like to contact your councillor about this issue you can find them with this link ->

If you live somewhere else in the country then tap your postcode into– you can email directly from the site, it takes moments.

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