WATCH: Surrey County Councillor Jonathan Essex Introduces the Climate Emergency Motion

In this 2 minute video Jonathan Essex explains the need and form of the Climate Emergency Motion he has put to Surrey County Council.

It’s due to be debated at Council on 19th March. Your help is needed in supporting it. You can learn how to do that, and read the full text, on this post.

Full contact details for Councillor Essex are on this link.

Contact Your Councillor About The Climate Emergency

Surrey residents – if you’d like to contact your councillor about this issue you can find them with this link ->

If you live somewhere else in the country then tap your postcode into– you can email directly from the site, it takes moments.

Join Us

Climate breakdown is serious and is happening now.

Individual action help but only collective action can truly address the situation.

Please email us on or call 01306 889278 to find how you can help.

Thank you.